Common login errors

1 - Empty Spaces

There are users who contact us that they can´t login. In 90% of the cases it´s because you´re trying to copy/paste a username and/or password.

When you do copy/paste please realize that very often you include an extra "empty space". This means the password script sees this as an extra caracter and will reject the login.

Therefore make sure when you login to always either type the username and password directly or first paste the password somewhere else to confirm there are no extra "empty spaces".


2 - CasE SenSITive

The username and password are CasE SenSITive. Please make sure that each capital letter is a capital letter when you fill in the form. This is important for both the username and password.

 3 - Cookies disabled

Make sure that you´re not browsing the sites in privacy mode or similar. Cookies need to be enabled to protect our video streams. If you have cookies turned off or disabled you simply won´t be able to browse our sites and you´ll be logged out upon each click.


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