How to add a free site?

If you´re a member of STIFFIA for longer than 30 days you´ll get the automatic option to pick any other site in our network completely free of charge.

Doing this is extremely easy, all you have to do is simply visit your profile page:  on this profile page you´ll see these buttons:

Simply select the site you want and click the "add for free" button. This will instantly add the site to your account.




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    Daniel P

    I have been a member for a month now since feb 20th and still dont have an option to add a free site..

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    Hey Daniel, please make sure you check the "profile" page after logging in. This is the page where you can pick a site.

    If you´re having troubles simply file a ticket directly and a representative will be with you asap.

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    okay and i want to doing you

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    Ricardo Salan

    I already added a free site but when I try to add a second I cant, I press add free button but nothing happens. When I go to the site and press upgrade I get a Not a Valid Member message.

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